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Online Local Driving Schools and Adult Driving Lessons in Washington. DC

Welcome to CAS Driving School! We are your top choice for best local driving schools in Washington, DC. Our lessons are actual local driving sessions around Washington, DC. Whether you are a new student, a driver who wants to improve his skills, or an older adult who will just start his driving lessons, we are sure that our local driving lessons will fit your training needs!

Why CAS Driving Schools?

Expertise in Driving Lessons

CAS Driving School is a reputable local school in Washington, DC that has been around for more than 3 decades. We have helped thousands of adults and young students learn driving from scratch. We also help our students in local vehicle related concerns such as licenses and renewals in Washington, DC. Our school has mastered training, adult lessons, and other safety lessons for driving and we are confident that we can get you on the road with full confidence!

Aside from our years of experience, CAS also has the top-notch local instructors for all our driving lessons and hands-on training in Washington, DC. Our local school has all the necessary equipment and training facilities to prepare teens and adults in driving in the real world. Through our driving lessons and hands-on training, you will be well prepared for the challenges of driving in Washington, DC such as how to avoid aggressive drivers, how to read road signs, and knowing the laws concerning driving in Washington, DC and other states.

Our local schools also have the best training and lessons to prepare you for your road test and eventually help you get your Washington, DC driver’s license. You can enrol, book online and attend our actual trainings based on your preferred schedule. We can pick you up from your office, school, or home.

Best Skilled Drivers

Here at CAS, all our adult hands-on training and driving lessons are aimed at helping students understand the many aspects involved in driving. These include defensive techniques, parking skills, and even basic car maintenance. Adults and young students alike will learn the most important skills to make them responsible, careful, and good drivers not only in the state of Washington, DC but in the entire country! Our priority is to help students graduate with the confidence and know-how of safe and skilled driving.

Adult Driving Lessons in Washington, DC

Our school also focuses on adult learners who either want to refresh their driving skills or start from zero. Unlike other local schools, CAS has the experience and expert teachers to handle adult learners who might be dealing with nervousness or lack of self-confidence on the road. With our instructors’ more than 20 years of total experience teaching adults and young students alike, we know we can help you successfully drive around Washington, DC in no time!

All our instructors have completed the AAA Defensive Driving Instruction Course and the University of Maryland Driving Instruction Program.

At CAS Driving School, our school is committed to helping you become responsible defensive drivers who are fully prepared for real world driving!

For our hands-on training, lessons, and inquiries about schedules and fees, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US today! One of our friendly school staff will assist you in your enrolment and refer you to one of our driving instructors if you have further questions.

Late Appointment Available